Who is eligible to join?

You can join us as a member when you have completed a university-level degree in business studies. 

Requirement for membership

  • A university degree in economics outside the Nordic countries (most commonly in Europe, Bachelor or Master of Science in Economics). As a rule, at least a three-year university-level education (180 ETCS) is required for the membership. Applications are handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • The minimum requirement is a Bachelor-level degree in economics or business administration.
  • This degree should be obtained from a university-level higher education institution.
  • If you have graduated abroad, the same basic requirements apply.
  • If you have graduated from a Finnish MBA-programme, combined with another university-level degree.

Read more about the membership requirements:

Membership fee

€214/year – less than €18/month

The membership fee is formed as follows:

  • The Finnish Business School Graduates €189/year
  • Regional association, Turun Seudun Ekonomit ry €25/year
  • Possible fee for the KOKO unemployment fund €66/year
  • Possible magazine subscription as a membership benefit €40/year

The membership fee is fully tax deductible.

As a recent graduate, you will receive a 50% discount from the membership fee. 

More about the membership fee discounts:

Membership services and benefits

As a member of the Finnish Business School Graduates, you enjoy various benefits (magazine, insurance, banking services etc.), services (salary advice, career coaching, legal counselling etc.) plus you can join a wide variety of training and events. 

As a member of Turun Seudun Ekonomit, you enjoy local benefits and can participate to local member events. You will receive the local member magazine four times a year. 

Release your potential – join The Finnish Business School Graduates

Become a member - fill in the form online to join:

If you don’t have the time to fill in the form, please text The Finnish Business School Graduates at 18200: EKONOMIT LIITY FIRSTNAME LASTNAME and they will contact you.